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Is there such a thing as unconditional receiving of sexual pleasure? In your dreams, you might say …. Well, yes, that is what I thought for a very long time!

A lot of us women were indoctrinated by society, media, culture, or whatsoever/whosoever that we are responsible for the pleasure of the men in our lives. OK, many younger women do not buy into that myth so much anymore, some even demand pleasure as their birthright, so to speak. However, on the whole, we women tend to be influenced to be (act) sexy and look sexy to get a hot guy’s attention. Then, when things don’t turn out the way we hoped it to be in the bedroom department, many of us either blame ourselves for not having been hot enough ourselves, not moaned and writhed like a porn actress, too fat, too whatever … or taken responsibility for his discomfort, not giving him all the sex he wants … the lists go on …

Coming of age in the 60’s, as it was in my case, was confusing to say the least. We had the flower power revolution, Woodstock, “Make Love not War”. We were the pioneers of a new generation, with sexual liberation beckoning. I loved Swinging London’s Carnaby Street at the time, it was exciting to be a child of that era, but then …
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Small capillary waves building up as I relaxed into a hungry surrender to the stroking. Masterfully, the stroker either held the build up, or upstroked to a new wave, only to ride on this wave, holding me with my desirous tumescence building up, then surfing down that wave knowing all too well that a mightier wave was following. Familiar and extremely welcome delicious electricity like energy radiating and pulsing from my pussy to every part of my body … my arms, my legs … tingling all over into an expanding energy fuzziness … finally my body erupting into uncontrollable undulation of orgasmic bliss …
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A proper celebration in the bedroom can help keep you in shape.

In fact, sex can benefit your health in many ways. Here are seven reasons to give and get a little love – not just this special day, but any time.

Want to know? … then read on:

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We desperately need to talk about the secrecy that surrounds the vagina or more precisely the vulva, as it is the breeding ground for the insecurity that accompanies it.

Vaginal – Vulva – Labia plastic surgery, also called Labiaplasty, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures driven by marketing, and by an unhealthy self-image derived from media images of what the “ideal” female genitalia should look like when, in reality, there is a large diversity in female genitalia appearance.

Either there is complete ignorance about what their own private parts look like, or women go to the other extreme and start chopping them about because they didn’t look like porn models.

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Guest post by Dr. Michael Roizen

The best prescription for your sexual organs isn’t one you can find in a pharmacy. It’s one you do in bed, in the shower, or on your weekend getaway. All the studies point to the fact that having sex makes you young.

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The Internal Clitoris

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This is a little fun educational video clip. The lady artist uses some colourful language, please do not get offended by it.

Ladies take yourselves off to a quiet and uninterrupted spot and sit down with a mirror between your legs to discover and admire your very personal unique pleasure landscape. Every woman looks uniquely different and very beautiful.

Gents, this is a useful introduction to your ladies beautiful pleasure garden, to be treated with absolute love, respect, gentleness and passion. Oh, and it’s well worth knowing that she has around 8,000 pleasure nerve-endings at her clitoris, that is … eehem …double the amount you have in your penis!

Enjoy! I’ll be putting on more educational videos.


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