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Electricity, not fierce but gentle, started to spread through my body. Every slow, precise, stroke of the finger, delivered with ardent total presence, increased the electricity spreading from my pussy, radiating into every part of my being. Waves of relaxing, yet exciting tingling down to my toes, through my shoulders and arms into my finger tips … into my brain … followed wave after wave of delicious pleasure.

I felt myself sinking into a luscious state of relaxation, yet being carried into a floating inner concerto of fireworks …

The key with being in an orgasmic state is not to have a goal for climax, nor any expectations, other than unconditionally feeling pleasure.

For most my adult life I lived with expectations. Expectations such as, either, if you get physically too close to a man, he might ‘jump on you’. Or feeling responsible for his comfort and his pleasure. Or the expectations to climax so that his feelings are not hurt … the list goes on.

Not so with the conscious sacred intimacy lifestyle! Being a psychologist and therapist, to me this is powerfully healing.


© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2014



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