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At Geli's Intimacy Wellness Studio, Journey Of Intimacy

At Geli’s Intimacy Wellness Studio, Journey Of Intimacy

What is the difference?

I have heard, “It’s just a cute way of saying that someone else is masturbating you”, and you’d be forgiven to think so considering all the various videos and written material out there.

As an Intimacy Wellness therapist and educator, I would like to show you a different way, a way that brings wholeness, healing, and flourishing.

As there are so many wonderful men reading on this site, I would like to address this post to you and how to make your lady really feel nourished and opened up in a new way.

It all boils down to intention, being fully present with meditative consciousness. You have there in front of you a divine being.

Now, she may not feel divine, in her mind she may not look divine, but you have the power to consciously activate the loving masculine in you in order to release the radiant feminine divine in her.

Want to know how?

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Small capillary waves building up as I relaxed into a hungry surrender to the stroking. Masterfully, he gently stroked my clitoris and either held the build up, or upstroked into a new wave, only to ride on this wave, holding me with my desirous tumescence building up, then surfing down that wave knowing all too well that a mightier wave was following. Familiar and extremely welcome delicious electricity like energy radiating and pulsing from my pussy to every part of my body … my arms, my legs … tingling all over into an expanding energy fuzziness … finally my body erupting into uncontrollable undulation of orgasmic bliss …

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Gentle Whispers of Orgasmic Bliss

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He cupped his hands over my pussy. No rush. He stilled himself, centered himself and became very present. I decided not to have any expectations, so I thought, ready to experience another orgasmic meditation. Once settled into the comfy position, I was ready to go. Somehow, his touch was way too gentle and slow, I was hardly feeling anything. I wanted to feel, in fact I was hungry to feel fireworks … I wanted a climax to take me over the edge …. I wanted …

I realised that I had a choice to ask for harder, faster, more pressure, more to the left, etc., or, I could choose to go deeper inside myself.

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Electricity, not fierce but gentle, started to spread through my body. Every slow, precise, stroke of the finger, delivered with ardent total presence, increased the electricity spreading from my pussy, radiating into every part of my being. Waves of relaxing, yet exciting tingling down to my toes, through my shoulders and arms into my finger tips … into my brain … followed wave after wave of delicious pleasure.

I felt myself sinking into a luscious state of relaxation, yet being carried into a floating inner concerto of fireworks …

The key with being in an orgasmic state is not to have a goal for climax, nor any expectations, other than unconditionally feeling pleasure.

For most my adult life I lived with expectations. Expectations such as, either, if you get physically too close to a man, he might ‘jump on you’. Or feeling responsible for his comfort and his pleasure. Or the expectations to climax so that his feelings are not hurt … the list goes on.

Not so with the conscious sacred intimacy lifestyle! Being a psychologist and therapist, to me this is powerfully healing.


© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2014



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How to Fake an Orgasm

This video instruction would be funny, if it wasn’t for the facts that studies show that over 75% of women admit to having faked it AT LEAST once.



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Many men feel that there is nothing like a sensual massage before having sex to get her into the mood. Now, whilst this may be true in many instances, it’s not always the case.

Many women I have worked with in private consultations would love a sensual massage, if only it would not lead to sex. Many women feel like they really need loving and sensual touch desperately, but in order to get it, they have to pay with sex. I have heard women say, “The only time he touches me the way I need to be touched is when he wants sex!”

OK, Gentlemen, so what is the solution? How can you have a happy woman who actually craves for sex after a massage?

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How to Tune Into Your Loved-One

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You’re freshly in love and your heart is just there! …. Now, so many years later how do you rekindle this delicious intimacy? …. or do you just need a little tweeking?

Most couples, especially if they have been together for a long time, are so busy with life. There are kids, bills have to be paid, jobs demanding, and just too many things require our constant attention. We rush around and not take the time necessary to create intimacy, to just deliberately and on purpose *being* with our loved one, feeling them and appreciating them.

So how do you keep this passion fresh, or rekindle the fire?

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