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Please allow me to honour and thank all the men that have such a profound impact of love in my life, from my own father to my own son, and to all those wonderful men who I had and will have the privilege to experience their wisdom, deep masculinity and sincere love. Some men do not know how to express that deep unwavering love and devotion, but it is still there, unquestionably so!

As a woman, I wish to stand up also on behalf of other women who have misunderstood you, who have manipulated you, who have wounded you, who have wanted to change you for who you really are, who did not treat you right, who acted out of their own pain against you and our deepest apologies for all the hurt we have caused you.

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Je t’aime

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Receive love first and love yourself before you can love others the way they need to be loved. A powerful scene from the movie!

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