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Gentle Whispers of Orgasmic Bliss

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He cupped his hands over my pussy. No rush. He stilled himself, centered himself and became very present. I decided not to have any expectations, so I thought, ready to experience another orgasmic meditation. Once settled into the comfy position, I was ready to go. Somehow, his touch was way too gentle and slow, I was hardly feeling anything. I wanted to feel, in fact I was hungry to feel fireworks … I wanted a climax to take me over the edge …. I wanted …

I realised that I had a choice to ask for harder, faster, more pressure, more to the left, etc., or, I could choose to go deeper inside myself.

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We desperately need to talk about the secrecy that surrounds the vagina or more precisely the vulva, as it is the breeding ground for the insecurity that accompanies it.

Vaginal – Vulva – Labia plastic surgery, also called Labiaplasty, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures driven by marketing, and by an unhealthy self-image derived from media images of what the “ideal” female genitalia should look like when, in reality, there is a large diversity in female genitalia appearance.

Either there is complete ignorance about what their own private parts look like, or women go to the other extreme and start chopping them about because they didn’t look like porn models.

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