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This is a teaser snippet out of one chapter from my forthcoming book which I am still writing. Ever so often I will publish some little teasers from various chapters.

The book is intended to inspire passion and that the reader’s own fire be lit, allowing own imagination to run wild, and bringing some of it into each reader’s own relationships.

The book is also intended to educate and enlighten how each person and couple can learn to consciously allow the various energy centres in the body to open up and then making love through the awareness of each one of them.

Most of the time couples just have sex using unconsciously one of the seven energy centres. It’s ok if both partners flow out of the same energy centre, however more often than not, couples have sex flowing through mismatched pools of energy needs.

In the first throws of passion of a new relationship this goes relatively unnoticed, later however, the mismatch and then unmet needs sexually will emerge. Unfortunately this can then lead to hurt, misunderstanding, withdrawing, and at least one of them fantasising of another person to meet their need – or indeed cheat on their partner. When we learn how to consciously open up and flow through the various energy centres and their different intensities and characteristics on purpose, and synchronise them on purpose, it will help keep the passion alive to go the distance in a relationship!

This book is written from the feminine perspective and is entirely fictional and a fantasy. If anyone feels certain people could be identified, this is completely coincidental.

The book is not just written for women, it will also open up insight for men into the feminine soul and needs, and how they can expand their own masculinity in a more conscious way to satisfy that special someone in their life.

The actual book itself has far more explicit scenes than I can show here in this publicly open website. Nonetheless it is meant for over 18 year old readers only!

Ok, here is a small taster out of Chapter 4

Lovemaking from the Heart Energy Centre

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