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Strengths and Weaknesses?

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Dear Geli,

I just read your MYTH article and can say that I’ve heard this concept before, and grasped it. The thing is, I’m very aware of the ‘work on your weaknesses’ world around me and feel like I’m probably modelling this mentality. Yuk!

It’s despicable when you think about it – cos it’s all about pride and self-achievement!

I need help with this, please, as it’s also messing up my releationships!

‘Getting beyond weaknesses determined!’

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The Strengths and Weaknesses MYTH

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success-weakness copy

It is epidemic with a worldwide obsession:

‘Let’s fix what is wrong and let the strengths take care of themselves’

In the business world, managers spend most of their time working with the weakest performers and zeroing in on their mistakes.

Parents and teachers focus on students’ lowest grades rather than on their highest.

Almost all of a country’s social work is focused on problems instead of helping people become self-sufficient.

Why do we continue to focus all our energies on fixing weaknesses while ignoring strengths? Why do we continue to work at some activities without getting better at them?

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