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Are you up for playful ways to say, “I Love You!” to your partner? There are some of us who can’t hear those magic three words often enough to feel warm and loved. However, others smile and say, “show me that you love me, don’t just give me words!”

We’re all different, and how we experience and feel love is really very unique to each one of us. They key is to explore what it really means for our partner to feel and experience our love to them … and likewise receive this wonderful gift back.

Knowing what to do is one thing, remembering is another. So here is a playful way to make this whole endevour more fun.

No matter how old we are, hopefully there is still a kid inside all of us that wants to play and have fun surprises! And this works a treat because you get to enjoy all you love to do and receive, plus romancing the one you love in the way they’d appreciate it most.


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