Senior Femininity, Our Sensuousness, Radiance, Wisdom and Glory




Is feminine energy and sexual attraction only part of being a young woman?

A resounding ‘No!’ Youthfulness, the way I see it, has a sense of flexibility, appetite for life and curiosity, a joie de vivre, a hearty or carefree enjoyment of life, and a desire to keep growing and developing in our forever evolving personal best.

When we grow older, we have an opportunity to also grow in wisdom, true joy, unconditional love, power, and intuitive healing capacities. A woman who allows her true radiance shine will live those qualities whilst being open and trusting.

Youthful sexual attractiveness is a wonderful aspect of a much deeper and greatly more fundamental quality of feminine energy: radiance, a shine of life force itself, a magical power expressed by our entire body, with a glorious beauty springing from the very depth of our being, chiseled by life experiences.

Geli Heimann, BSc. MSc. Psych

Geli Heimann, BSc. MSc. Psych

As many of you know, I am a most happy grandmother, just having turned 60, totally besotted with an adorable little treasure. Believe me, it would be easy to let go of myself and not further develop my deeply sensuous feminine qualities and just settle into the role of doting grandmother, ever so often reminiscing of my younger past! A lot of women do, not realising the enormous qualities, wisdom, magic and youthful sexyness they can still shine with!

I trust that this and further blog posts will encourage and inspire other ladies of a similar age. Our daughters and granddaughters need us. This is not the time to not succumb to age, lack of fitness, and lack of mobility of mind and attitude. I, too, have to fight this battle, and this is why community of women who support each other and remind each other of their tremendous worth is so needed and powerful!

We can still have this shining radiant feminine energy like a goddess with breathtaking depth of compassion, love and mystery, which can be magnified, deepened, and glorified as we grow older and wiser. It is time to honour the true and deep forms of feminine radiance in women of all ages, and especially our own. We need to recognise the awesome beauty and radiant ease of the deep woman we have become, embodied in the mystery of feminine grace.

As we grow older with wisdom, divinely mature, our energetic and spiritual weight increases, too. To those who recognise this in us, honour, invoke and venerate these qualities with their praise, attention, and intimate union, we become stronger in our unique glory than when we were younger.

Let us support one another to be the gift the world around us needs!

With Love,




© 2013 A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann

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