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How to Relax and Pamper Your Man

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Hey Ladies, do you want to do something special for your man? …. warning, it’ll make him swoon and groan … and then some …

OK, we all know that there is a time and place when we want to have red hot passionate sex with our guys, almost virtually ripping their clothes off … you know what I mean….

But then there are other times when raw passionate sex is not on the cards, he’s been on his feet all day, tired and exhausted and he just wants to chill out and relax.

At that point there is nothing more wonderful for him when you honour him with a pampering massage, starting at his feet. Even if you do not know where the Reflexology, or the VitaFlex points are, by giving him a massage, unhurried and fully conscious with presence, it will make a huge difference to him feeling very special.

OK, so, get yourself into a comfy position – I assume he is already.
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awaken your senses,
delight in tenderly loving
allowing every nerve cell to spread it’s tingling delight …

In order to be in touch with your body’s full capacity for pleasure, it’s important to free yourself mentally and emotionally. Developing your mind is as important in Sacred Sexuality, as learning to experience your body from the inside out.

We live in a society where we are assaulted by external stimuli to excite and arouse us. Of course the more we rely on the external the less we are aware what’s going on the inside of us. We progressively become more numb to our own inner pleasure centres, and consequently reach for stronger and more addictive ways to have fun to toxic levels.

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Are you up for playful ways to say, “I Love You!” to your partner? There are some of us who can’t hear those magic three words often enough to feel warm and loved. However, others smile and say, “show me that you love me, don’t just give me words!”

We’re all different, and how we experience and feel love is really very unique to each one of us. They key is to explore what it really means for our partner to feel and experience our love to them … and likewise receive this wonderful gift back.

Knowing what to do is one thing, remembering is another. So here is a playful way to make this whole endevour more fun.

No matter how old we are, hopefully there is still a kid inside all of us that wants to play and have fun surprises! And this works a treat because you get to enjoy all you love to do and receive, plus romancing the one you love in the way they’d appreciate it most.


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Advertising for lingerie Photo: PHILIPPE HAYS / ALAMY

By William Leith
Published: 7:00AM BST 23 May 2010 –

Ever wondered why a man can look at an advert featuring a six-pack and laugh, while a woman might look at a photograph of female perfection and fall to pieces? William Leith thinks he might have uncovered the answer ….

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We desperately need to talk about the secrecy that surrounds the vagina or more precisely the vulva, as it is the breeding ground for the insecurity that accompanies it.

Vaginal – Vulva – Labia plastic surgery, also called Labiaplasty, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures driven by marketing, and by an unhealthy self-image derived from media images of what the “ideal” female genitalia should look like when, in reality, there is a large diversity in female genitalia appearance.

Either there is complete ignorance about what their own private parts look like, or women go to the other extreme and start chopping them about because they didn’t look like porn models.

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The Internal Clitoris

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This is a little fun educational video clip. The lady artist uses some colourful language, please do not get offended by it.

Ladies take yourselves off to a quiet and uninterrupted spot and sit down with a mirror between your legs to discover and admire your very personal unique pleasure landscape. Every woman looks uniquely different and very beautiful.

Gents, this is a useful introduction to your ladies beautiful pleasure garden, to be treated with absolute love, respect, gentleness and passion. Oh, and it’s well worth knowing that she has around 8,000 pleasure nerve-endings at her clitoris, that is … eehem …double the amount you have in your penis!

Enjoy! I’ll be putting on more educational videos.


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Original Article by: Maryanne Fisher, Ph.D.

There are the ones who pucker tightly before the kiss. There are the nibblers who chew around the edge of your lips. Then there are the ones who use lots of saliva, and others who are very dry. There are the firm ones, the tender ones, the fast ones and the slow, leisurely take-all-day ones. There are the teasers, who open their mouth slightly, and the prodders. A good kisser has an arsenal of techniques and can gauge the situation to decide which strategy to use.

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