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Picasso - Blue Nude

Picasso – Blue Nude

Pleasure, sensuality, abandoning having to be in control, feminine yielding to sensual desires, letting go of shame and self-denial, …. What if we women actually learnt the art of receiving pleasure? What if we women actually learnt to be really self-loving? What if we women unabashedly, unapologetically nurtured ourselves with the fine art of pleasure, instead of hiding what we passionately desire? … do we actually know what ignites that glorious, radiant glow from within our womanly feminine selves, or are we too conditioned with our self-sacrificial, self-deprivation, self-judgement, self-disapproval, and putting ourselves last with what we really need … especially pleasure?

It gives me great joy to teach my glorious feminine sisters the fine art of receiving pleasure, and actually understand the power of communicating our delicious joyful thoughts and desires without manipulation. Oh it creates an electrifying effect on ourselves and others. … Did I say that men secretly wish we would?

Last night I had a dream …
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So, how do you kiss in a sensual and meaningful way that ignites an even stronger delicious passion?

Kissing is so yummy because you have more nerve endings in your lips than just about anywhere else in the body, plus your heart meridian goes straight through the centre of your lips!

What makes an awesome kisser? Not so much the techniques (although they are important, the reason I wrote this) It’s Presence! When you practice Deep Passionate Kissing, it makes you get totally present when kissing.
Bad kissing basically means, you’re not there and just use skills and techniques to impress someone ….

However, As you do need some great ingredients, here are some ideas to get you going:

This lingering kissing is more advanced and must never be rushed. It is deliciously relaxing and intoxicatingly beautiful. By the way, it is sometimes referred to as “French Kissing”, but I feel it goes beyond that, especially if you have a deep sensual and loving intimacy with your partner …

There is a very important rule that has to do with your attitude and intention:

It’s the loving dance of pleasure of giving and receiving, as opposed to ‘grabbing’, taking, and being a performance master.

Let me explain and give you some luscious scrumptious tips that will change your kissing pleasure forever …..

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How to Tune Into Your Loved-One

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You’re freshly in love and your heart is just there! …. Now, so many years later how do you rekindle this delicious intimacy? …. or do you just need a little tweeking?

Most couples, especially if they have been together for a long time, are so busy with life. There are kids, bills have to be paid, jobs demanding, and just too many things require our constant attention. We rush around and not take the time necessary to create intimacy, to just deliberately and on purpose *being* with our loved one, feeling them and appreciating them.

So how do you keep this passion fresh, or rekindle the fire?

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