Orgasmic Surfing – Experiencing the Fine Art of the Masterful Masculine

Small capillary waves building up as I relaxed into a hungry surrender to the stroking. Masterfully, he gently stroked my clitoris and either held the build up, or upstroked into a new wave, only to ride on this wave, holding me with my desirous tumescence building up, then surfing down that wave knowing all too well that a mightier wave was following. Familiar and extremely welcome delicious electricity like energy radiating and pulsing from my pussy to every part of my body … my arms, my legs … tingling all over into an expanding energy fuzziness … finally my body erupting into uncontrollable undulation of orgasmic bliss …

Feminine essential sexual energy is like a mighty ocean; it can be calm, it can be boisterous, wild and dangerous, or softly smooth glistening in the warming sun with playful little waves lapping over each other in joyful content.

No one can contain and control this powerful feminine energy ocean, although patriarchical men have tried to subdue it for eons to their own frustration as well…. sooner or later, individually or collectively this powerful feminine sexual essence will break forth.

No, the smartest way is to learn to masterfully be a surfer who understands every ripple, who understands that a ripple can be deceiving to the one unaware of undercurrents. The masterful surfer knows when to move to a different wave rather than being washed out. Now, although I have watched surfers, I have never surfed myself and really don’t understand the craft of that sport, however it serves well as an analogy for the feminine and masculine sexual essence.

By the way, when I talk about the masculine and the feminine, I am NOT referring to male and female. Masculine or feminine sexual essence has its own unique energy dynamic irrelevant of the gender. So, for example a hetero man who enjoys women can have a stronger feminine sexual essence at his core. This does not make him effeminate, it’s just a greater energy expression of that particular sexual essence … the same applies to women with a stronger masculine sexual essence. Probably 80% of the time, the masculine and femine sexual essence does map over onto the genders, such as masculine – men, and feminine – women, but one should not automatically define it like that.

Back to my surfing analogy. Just like a masterful surfer does not control the ocean and the waves, but rather rides the waves with full presence and appreciating the magnificence of the beauty, so does a masterful conscious man in sacred intimacy. With full meditative presence, being intimately aware of even the slightest involuntary expression of his woman, deeply connected with the mindful touch of the finger, the he embraces the world of the feminine ocean, merging with the waves as one, in deep connection, whilst surfing and relishing the exquisite states of orgasmic play.

Riding the feminine orgasmic ocean is a different personal experience every time! It’s an art, it’s a craft, it’s science, it’s the most delicious and safe wellness lifestyle …


© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2014

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