Gentle Whispers of Orgasmic Bliss

He cupped his hands over my pussy. No rush. He stilled himself, centered himself and became very present. I decided not to have any expectations, so I thought, ready to experience another orgasmic meditation. Once settled into the comfy position, I was ready to go. Somehow, his touch was way too gentle and slow, I was hardly feeling anything. I wanted to feel, in fact I was hungry to feel fireworks … I wanted a climax to take me over the edge …. I wanted …

I realised that I had a choice to ask for harder, faster, more pressure, more to the left, etc., or, I could choose to go deeper inside myself.

It had been a long and busy day, and I was still in my “go-go-go” purpose driven masculine side. The intensity of navigating the traffic after the hectic day, had translated itself into wanting the goal of a climax and big feelings radiating like electric lightning through my body. I love that experience, and I also know that it relaxes me.

However, now all I was getting was hardly any sensation!

I decided not to ask for faster and harder, because I realised that the answer was within me. So, in my mind I whispered to myself “Relax, open up, and just relish the extremely gentle strokes”.

It is not uncommon for women to drag into the sacred orgasmic the notion of goal getting sex. Most women, including myself, have experienced situations in which you just push yourself into a quick climax, else he’s done, turning over, and you’re left ‘high and dry’ …

Entering the conscious practice of the sacred orgasmic, however, is to give women the necessary missing ‘nutrient’ in being in the feminine, receiving, calm.

It is healing. For example, it produces cart loads of oxytocin, a neurohypophysial hormone, a powerful brain chemical which we women have a huge need of, especially navigating through the daily male dominated work force. Oxytocin is also healing because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Oxytocin can relieve pain — everything from headaches, cramps, overall body aches, and general physical discomfort … not to forget the enormous psychological healing and bliss it provides!

So, I gave myself permission to let go of what I thought I wanted to enter into what I really needed. I breathed deeply, uncurled my shoulders, opened my heart space to embrace and receive. My whole body followed suit, softening and deeply relaxing. I started to feel the subtle nuances of each gentle stroke. I felt how he at times just held the stroke still, not moving at all. I observed how he with meditative breathing was purposefully holding my feminine space, so that I could go deeper. I felt relaxing into a deep trust of being held whilst masterfully guided into allowing to be just me, vulnerable and open and receiving.


© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2014



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