Don’t Move! Stay Present and Penetrate Deeply


peachy flower
So, I already had a climax, triggered off by that well placed stroke on the very ready volcano … what next?
I was curious what he would do, would he just let it be, or get back into a repeat stroke pattern, or …

I had mentally resigned into experiencing just pleasant stroking sensations, that would have been fine. After all, a deep and much needed release just happened….

But what if you have a conscious man who is experienced, sublimely trained, totally present and conscious? … Someone who flows and integrally aligns himself with the rise and ebb of energy? …. Someone who is not encumbered by his ego of performance but is fully surrendered to the call of feminine desire with a powerfully masculine meditative directive in this merging dance of energies?

He said, he felt a tremendous heat emerging from my pussy that set his own energy on fire. That heat pushed up into his abdomen, into his chest, throat, his shoulders. There was only one thing he could do: answer my call of desire.

He gently parted my lips and without stroking just placed his finger on the part of my clitoris with the highest nerve endings, and gently applied pressure … no movement. He stayed totally present and penetrated me with focused energetic power. Deeply spreading shock waves pulsated throughout my entire body. He did not move … I did … my body undulated in indescribable pleasure.

He lifted his finger to allow tumescence to build and then continued to conduct the masterful symphony that was unfolding in my body with just the touch of his finger … and that symphony was going on and on and on …

Deep penetration without using a penis? Oh yes! … Being supremely conscious with meditative masculine presence unleashes a unique feminine yielding, an orgasmic power that turns her into a radiant beast of pleasure.


© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2015

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