Do We Women Hide Our Desire for Pleasure, and Men Secretly Wish We Wouldn’t?

Picasso - Blue Nude

Picasso – Blue Nude

Pleasure, sensuality, abandoning having to be in control, feminine yielding to sensual desires, letting go of shame and self-denial, …. What if we women actually learnt the art of receiving pleasure? What if we women actually learnt to be really self-loving? What if we women unabashedly, unapologetically nurtured ourselves with the fine art of pleasure, instead of hiding what we passionately desire? … do we actually know what ignites that glorious, radiant glow from within our womanly feminine selves, or are we too conditioned with our self-sacrificial, self-deprivation, self-judgement, self-disapproval, and putting ourselves last with what we really need … especially pleasure?

It gives me great joy to teach my glorious feminine sisters the fine art of receiving pleasure, and actually understand the power of communicating our delicious joyful thoughts and desires without manipulation. Oh it creates an electrifying effect on ourselves and others. … Did I say that men secretly wish we would?

Last night I had a dream …

In that dream I found myself and other women in a clear glass windowed modern building in a most magnificent tranquil environment of trees and lakes. The building itself had an integral swimming pool. The purpose of being in this beautiful nature resort was for me to teach the fine art of pleasure to my glorious feminine sisters. I knew that we would get naked and vulnerable in this process, and they were willing to embark on that risky journey of being open and honest with themselves and others, especially expressing their sensual pleasure needs.

We had just arrived in this location and decided to stroll around and explore this quiet building, chatting and having fun. To our surprise we found one room with men inside sitting in front of large computer screens, and we became aware that literally everywhere in that building were surveillance cameras, and we had been watched and observed by men.

Instantly all sorts of insecurities, fears of feeling unsafe overcame the women who straightaway started to cover up, looking for somewhere to hide and run away into the nearby forests and hills. What I did notice, though was, that the intention of the men had not been to get sexual gratification, titillation and thrills, or voyeurism, but they genuinely were happy to get a glimpse and insights into the joy of women’s pleasure and uncensored passion. There was a smile on their faces at the prospect of them getting more knowledge on how they could provide more pleasure to women.

Unfortunately, this misinterpreted intention caused women to feel unsafe again and they scattered away from that building into the valleys of hiding.

This dream left me with a message both for women as well as men:

For women, my glorious feminine sisters, yes it takes courage to be honest, vulnerable, and break through the barriers of self-denial, shame, fear, and cultural conditioning, and leave manipulation at the door to get our desires.

For men, if you are genuinely wishing to encourage women to yield to their womanly feminine pleasure, then be up-front about it. Be present in your love and be open in your masculinity. The more safe a woman feels, the more likely she will be willing to be naked with her soul, too, and abandon herself to pleasure.

All this is a process where both parties might get hurt and wounded. Let’s get it out into the open and let the healing begin!



© A.R.(“Geli”) Heimann, London 2014

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