Self Breast Massage and Balancing Your Heart Energy Centre


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Self care and me-time seems such a struggle for most of us women.

Typically, we are there for others, busy giving, busy excelling, busy with all the things we have on our never ending to-do list …. it feels like a frivolous luxury to just spend time on ourselves in a nurturing and self pampering way.

This article is all about a big subject: breasts: accepting them for what they are rather than what they are not, loving them, and giving them a nurturing self massage with essential oils, which due to their therapeutic and organic pureness, not only nourish the body, but also elevate the healing electro-magnetic energy frequencies so needful for our breasts.

All the photos in this article I took of myself, of my own hands and breasts, so you know that I am practising myself what I am sharing with you!

Many women have managed to claim some time for themselves for fitness and health.

Whilst fitness is super important, there is still one area that, especially as women, we feel is expendable: self nurturing touch, time to connect with our bodies with gratitude and feel our own delicious beauty, especially our breats.

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When it comes to breasts, women’s self-confidence is often tied to the size or shape of their breasts, but not every woman ends up with the kind of breasts that she is happy with, or match up to the ones one sees in magazines.

Breasts, in our society are often looked at as titillation for other people, but that’s undermining the power of the breast for your own wellness.

Now, it is true that breasts are lovely for our partners, but most of the time, our breasts are for us. So I’d like you to shift your perception, if you can, from your breasts being what other people need or want, to your breasts really being there for you. Your breasts are there for self nurture.

They are right next to the heart, the heart energy centre, or the heart chakra in Sanscript. It’s the part of our body which holds that huge capacity of self love, and self nurture.

We have a lot of crazy societal messages about breasts, exactly how they are supposed to look or not look. Then there is all that fear around breast cancer. Although that is a real concern, when we think about our breasts, many of us have negative emotions, negative messages. We really want to cultivate a healthy flow of energy, and a healthy flow of lymphatics to our breasts, so that we don’t end up with breast issues. We want to cultivate love and appreciation as a symbolic place of self nurture, rather than negative thoughts.

Love your breasts, be grateful for what you have. A lot of women who have bigger breasts wish they were smaller, and a lot of women with smaller breasts wish they were bigger, …. and then there are the older women who’s breasts go southwards and need the help of some lift … I know mine do!

Breasts are especially dependent on blood and lymphatic circulation, and have no inherent aids, like muscle or joint activity to promote drainage. This is compounded by the common practice of wearing tight breast clothing that prevents the natural ‘bounce’ of the tissues.

Wearing bras restricts the flow of lymph fluids, especially underwired bras. Chronic conditions of congestion and inadequate tissue clearance are associated with pain and degenerative tissue change. So, massaging your breasts on a daily basis gets the lymph to flow.

Our heart pumps blood, however lymph only flows from movement and massage, it does not move simply on its own. So, if you wear a bra all the time, especially underwired bras, that lymph flow is blocked, and toxins stay in the breast tissues.

As the title of this article and the very first picture on the top left hand indicate, I used essential oils in my own self massage. I am very particular as to what oils I use for myself, my family and friends and for my clients. I only use the medicinally purest oils. For more about me and my favourite oils, click here.

As you can see, I used Clary Sage, Frankincense, Joy, and the smallest amount of Peppermint (one drop). These oils are so potent and concentrated, you need to use fewer drops to get the same effect as with other essential oils.

‘Joy’ is a luxurious blend that contains bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose.

All of these oils have been tested from a therapeutic point, as well as electromagnetic frequencies to enhance well being, healing, and balance the heart chakra in this combination. You can use other oils as well, I happen to choose these.

Rose, geranium, chamomile, ylang-ylang and jasmine are balancing oils which help with self-love and loving others. They are also good for your adrenal and thymus glands.

Frankincense and peppermint help support the respiratory system when feeling breathless or tight chested. Frankincense has so many unbelievable benefits, too many to list here.

Clary Sage is widely used to uplift and fight depression. It is a nerve tonic and is wonderfully relaxing. It also benefits the pituitary gland.


Let’s focus for a moment on the Heart Chakra. It’s the place on your chest between your breasts, but actually it expands all around you and inside of you at location.

The energy of the Heart Chakra influences your experience with the following:

Heart, Compassion
Love, Touch, Devotion
Your emotional response to life
Masculine/Feminine of the Self

Place your hand on your heart chakra, or gently draw circles with your hand on your skin between your breasts and repeat :
I am loved because I was born
I am safe feeling my feelings
I am a balanced and vibrant fourth chakra
I am safe to give and receive love
I am loving myself and sharing that love
I am forgiving
I am forgiving
I am forgiving
I am loved and supported by God

Now let’s go and do the breast massage

Me massage other one 238x480But first, I want you to think of your breasts, not as they appear on the outside, but as they feel from the inside. How do your breasts feel to you? How do you experience your breasts?

When we massage our breasts, we increase the flow of energy to our breasts, as well as to our entire glandular system.

The breasts nourish the pineal gland, the pitutory gland, which is the master hormone, the thyroid gland, the thymus gland, which is responsible for our immune system, and the adrenal glands, and our ovaries.

When we massage our breasts, and in particularly our nipples, all of those glands are stimulated, and brought in alignment.

When stimulated, hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin are secreted. They cause uterus contractions, they also cause us to crave touch and affections, and make us feel relaxed.

Mix your essential oils into a base oil, such as grape seed oil or almond oil and gently hold your breasts. Notice any negative feelings you may have about your breasts, any judgements, any sensation that feels like a blockage in your breasts. Now take a deep breath into your belly, and then with a slow out-breath release all these negative feelings by imagining that they drain out through your body down your legs into the earth. Do this as many times as you need, until you feel that your breasts are clear.

Now imagine some beautiful warm soothing and healing sunlight surrounding you, cradling and caressing your breasts, as it were. As you do that, and gently hold your breasts, smile like you would holding a little child or a new born baby, or a puppy with that sweet gentle accepting energy.

When you massage your breasts, keep smiling down at them. Then use either the palm of your hands or take three fingers – whatever is more comfortable – about an inch and a half away from the nipple, move up the sternum and around, and circulate the energy. Make at least nine circles, and then reverse the circles.

Keep smiling and keep that loving intent. Now continue circling more on the outside of your breasts, varying your strokes from feather like caressing to stronger pressure touches. If you feel comfortable move your finger tips in closer to your nipples and circle on and around your nipples as well. This will will cause more glandular stimulation. I will also cause more sexual energy, which is quite delicious.

Your intention is so very important in this! Keep sending love to your breasts.

Whatever you hold in your heart will affect your breasts

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