Don’t You Love it when He makes You Laugh? ….. I know, I do!

You may have been way too serious, complex and moody, or tense, and he comes along, makes a funny face or drops some dry humour.

You might be tempted to react negatively, such as, nothing really matters to him, he just doesn’t care, it’s all just a big joke to him …. But that, precisely, is the masculine gift to you, if you are available to receive it!

The feminine laughs with pleasure and delight, the true feminine is full of radiance, energy and joy.

Humour, on the other hand is different from enjoyment. To the masculine, ultimately everything is transient and unnecessary, never mind how serious or real a situation may seem. His humour is birthed from the ability to see things from a different perspective. Being able not to take himself and/or a situation that seriously, the ability to see the unnecessary nature of things is a freedom with which the true masculine expresses his gift of humour.

For the feminine, sexual availability can thus also mean to be available to his humour, being able to receive the spacious freedom of his humour.

So, consciously open yourself to receive his humour. Step out of being emotionally stuck in a gripe, open your radiance and laugh from your heart, giggle in a carefree way. It is really important for him to see you happy.



As I was writing the above, he found the following video clip. It made me laugh … but then, he knows how to turn on the magic and create a smile on my face or outright laughter….

When I saw that video I thought, this is exactly what I was writing about, a spoof created by men who don’t take themselves that seriously!


“Pump up the volume
Pump up the volume
Pump up the volume


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