Thoughts Entwined in the Eternal Now




Thoughts connect,
but then it’s more than
just thoughts
interlacing delicate strands of us
weaving into an increasingly intricate fabric of divine destiny.
Do we understand?
Do we understand the Mind of the beyond in the here and now?
Reaching out into the unseen
into the magnificence of the eternal now
a touch of childlike innocence
playing with the brilliance of joy and passion
then soaring in an uplift of sweet surrender.
What is all this, I ask
I’ve yet to totally understand.
But meanwhile,
it is beautiful
just as it is.


Copyright © A.R. (“Geli”) Heimann 2000-2011, All Rights Reserved.


This is a poem I wrote in 2000 whilst listening to some beautiful music. I came across it earlier on and thought I would post it here.




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