The Internal Clitoris

This is a little fun educational video clip. The lady artist uses some colourful language, please do not get offended by it.

Ladies take yourselves off to a quiet and uninterrupted spot and sit down with a mirror between your legs to discover and admire your very personal unique pleasure landscape. Every woman looks uniquely different and very beautiful.

Gents, this is a useful introduction to your ladies beautiful pleasure garden, to be treated with absolute love, respect, gentleness and passion. Oh, and it’s well worth knowing that she has around 8,000 pleasure nerve-endings at her clitoris, that is … eehem …double the amount you have in your penis!

Enjoy! I’ll be putting on more educational videos.


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  1. salena says:

    Insightful video. I have a question. Is there any way to re-sensitize the clitoris?

    I have a hard time coming to a climax. Embarrassingly, I have only ever experienced the sensation a few times.

    Do you have any advice?

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