Strengths and Weaknesses?

Dear Geli,

I just read your MYTH article and can say that I’ve heard this concept before, and grasped it. The thing is, I’m very aware of the ‘work on your weaknesses’ world around me and feel like I’m probably modelling this mentality. Yuk!

It’s despicable when you think about it – cos it’s all about pride and self-achievement!

I need help with this, please, as it’s also messing up my releationships!

‘Getting beyond weaknesses determined!’

Read the reply:

Dear ‘Getting beyond weaknesses determined!’,

Once you focus on your strengths and then work on maximising them, you’ll find you’re going to succeed to the point that your healthy pride and self-achievement are going to sing.

It’s really a case of trying to be smart with one’s weaknesses, meaning: it’s useful to team up with people whose strengths are your weaknesses, and whose weaknesses are your strengths. Teaming up with people who recognise this principle, rather than with people trying to get you to conform to their strengths! Easier said than done, I mean to find the right folk to team up with for life in a commited partner relationship, to get something specific done such as a project, or just have as friends to cheer you on to higher grounds. Nonetheless, the concept works.

It’s all a case of focus, celebrating and then maximising one’s strengths, and really excelling what we’re good at. Then somehow everything else falls into place.

I guess this is a lifelong job, we all have to swim upstream with this in this negative weaknesses mindset environment we live in.

When we maximise and excell in our strengths, I believe this strong statement of Jesus can be applied:

“For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. “Matthew 25:29

In other words success breeds further success …. and if we do not maximise our strengths, due to focusing on our weaknesses, then even what we have will be taken.

Again, I am not saying it’s easy. I for one have been brought up by especially one parent whose strengths were my weaknesses, and my strengths were her weaknesses. All my growing up years, all I knew was that I was a failure, a non-starter, an non-completer, and a basket full of further negative descriptions. Only in the last 7 years did I start to understand that those traits of mine, that where forever rubbished, were indeed my strengths. It’s been a painful long process to shift those perceptions. Why? because subconsciously I have always been attracted to people like my mother, male or female, in order to finally receive validation from ‘her’, yet instead of it, her life branding message continued through these other people.

It takes guts to disconnect from people one has almost become addicted to, hoping that the fix of validation will finally come from them. Only then healing can start.

If you want to discuss some further help, do contact me or check out the various HELP available Click Here.

Cheering you on to your success,




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